Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Listening To God

(Karen Butterfield)

    What do you think of when you hear someone say God spoke to them or that they were led by the Holy Spirit to_________?

    Most people’s reaction would be “what kind of nut case are you that you think you actually “hear” God speaking to you?”

    Listening to God – doesn’t mean you actually “hear” an “audible” voice speaking to you as you go about your day, but by being open to His leading and being available.

    God speaks to us through:
    • His Word
    • The Holy Spirit
    • Prayer
    • Circumstances
    • People
    • His Creation
    When we “Abide” in Him we won’t read scripture purely for information, but rather for transformation in our lives!!! That’s when I find the more time I spend in the scriptures, the more God will reveal the truths within and I will be more in tune with His voice.

    When my heart’s desire is to do the Lord’s will I find God is speaking to me to take a step of faith and follow the path he has laid out for me. He is asking me to be open to the leading/prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    This may be His prompting me to give someone a call that He has laid on my heart. At other times I sense an urgency to lift someone up in prayer – right at that very moment. I may not know what the specific need is; I just know I am to pray. Often it involves being a good listener to those around me – and as I’m listening to them I’m also listening to the leading of the Holy Spirit so God can speak or work through me.

    When I’m not “listening” or “choose” not to follow His leading – I’m forfeiting an opportunity to be the person God desires me to be in another person’s life.

    Are you listening??? Write a comment here at the blog!


    jason c. said...

    yes Im listening, thank you for your inspiration Karen, it helps!

    Rose said...

    Thank you for explaining how God speaks to us. It was a little confusing to me when I thought that I needed to hear an actual voice from God. It is true that God does talk to us through the Holy Spirit~guiding us along the right path to take in our lives~if we choose to obey. We just have to be careful not to let the world and all it's lies get in the way of the Holy Spirit's guidance. The world tells us that abortion, homosexuality, premarital sex, pornography~are all just fine. God speaks to us through His word telling us straight out that it is all sin. Blessings, Rose