Saturday, May 17, 2008

Listening Prayer (part two)

(Brad Jersak)

Let’s spend some more time on Listening to God-- taking the time to pay attention to what God is saying to you. It will never contradict scripture, but sometimes it changes what you misunderstand about scripture. Listening takes time and intent. Here are some suggestions from Brad Jersak author of Tuning In to the God Who Speaks.
    Tuning In…

  1. Spend a few minutes today having a conversation with God. Make sure you listen as well as talk.
  2. Ask God to highlight a verse that will nourish your soul today. Chew it over all day, maybe even writing it on an index card and carry with you.
  3. Sing or listen to your favorite worship song and be open for God to speak to you through it.
  4. Ask God to bring someone to your mind to pray for while you are waiting at the grocers, lying in bed, or sitting at a stoplight.
  5. Ask God if you have grieved his heart in any way this week. Confess your sin and accept his forgiveness.
  6. Ask God to show you how you pleased him this week. Thank him for making it possible.
  7. Ask God to help you encourage someone this week with a specific word from the Lord.
Please comment on how you listen!


Anonymous said...

Being around all of God's beautiful creations helps me to really concentrate on God's word. I like to go into a quiet spot in my backyard and just watch all of the beauty that God has created. This is how He speaks to me.If we really look around at nature we can see God's magnificent hand in all of it.It is so beautiful~the birds~the flowers~little children playing~I need to get away from the crowds of people with their own agenda~rushing here and there~it is the only way to quiet my mind and really listen to what God is whispering to me. Blessings, Rose

Rose said...

I have tried to encourage my Aunt Carole this week.She is an atheist and tell me that Jesus and his promises are fairy tales. I tell her that Jesus loves her no matter what she says. She does not believe He exists. It is so sad~that she has been such a good aunt to me and yet she is being fooled by what the world says about Jesus. I have come to the conclusion that she must have hardened her heart to a point that she is so defensive now when I talk to her about Jesus'love for her. I ask that God gives me the wisdom to say the right words that will bring her to Christ. Blessings, Rose